About Us

Foggy Bottom Facility Services specializes in the restoration and waterproofing of masonry and concrete buildings and structures.

Our approach to our clients’ is to keep their best interests as our primary goal. This is accomplished by listening to the clients to determine their objectives, do a thorough inspection of the structure to create a comprehensive proposal and selecting the best methods and materials to improve the appearance and extend the life of the client’s property.

Contact Information

Foggy Bottom Facility Services, LLC
P.O. Box 25249
Seattle WA 98165

Led Fogarty 206-351-9917 email :ledfogarty@gmail.com


Membranes and Coatings : for Existing Roofs, Elevated Slabs and Exterior Walls.

Medical Tower, Seattle, WA
Roof Re-Surfacing

Office Bldg., Seattle, WA
Membranes for Concrete Slabs

Office Park, Bellevue, WA
Elastomeric Coatings

Waterproofing : Caulking, Below Grade Membranes, Building Cleaning and Clear Water Repellants.

Condo Plaza Deck Shoreline, WA
Caulking of Expansion Joints

Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Installation of Buried Membraines

Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Clean and Waterproof Exteriors

Specialty Services : Cathodic Protection, Expansion Joints, Concrete Restoration

Condo Pool, Shoreline, WA
Cathode Protection of Re-bars

Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Remediation of Seismic Joints

Peace Arch, Blaine, WA
Concrete Restoration